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cooking oil making machine for sale

cooking oil making machine for sale

description of cooking oil making machine for sale

Complete sets of extraction equipment is our company’s leading products, we have the design and manufacture of ectraction equipment, the most rich experience and mature technology,After my company’s scientific and technological personnel research and development, the complete set of extraction process has become a energy saving, environmental protection, low consumption, high efficiency oil extraction production Can be applied to rapeseed oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, tea seed oil, tung seed and other oil extraction.

process of cooking oil machine for sale

The whole oil processing plant contains three workshops:pretreatment workshop,oil extraction workshop and oil refining workshop.

1.The leaching process of soybean-cleaning-crushing-softening-rolling, seeds embryo extrusion- cooking-extractor-miscella

2.miscella treatment-filter-miscella tank-the first evaporator-the second evaporator-stripper-crude oil.

3.crude oil-degumming and deacidification-decolorization-deodorization-refined-cooking oil.

parameter of cooking oil making machine for sale:

item  cooking oil making machine for sale
machine material steel
Automatic grade automatic
press type Cold & Hot Pressing Machine
production capacity 1-100 TPH
small and taste small and taste good
oil material process according your requirement to customized
power according the machinery
Voltage 380V/440V or customize
size&weight according the capacity

picture or customize

Warranty period and after-sales service:

cooking oil making machine for sale Warranty period of 12 months our company provided oil machine parts and technical services within 12 months. After I provide free Internet and telephony services in the form of technology.

Hi,if you want more detail of cooking oil making machine for sale,please send information to me,the better price you may get early!