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pressing oil machine oil making machine

pressing oil machine

Description of pressing oil machine

Edible oil press is divided into cold pressing and hot pressing, their biggest difference is that when the different temperature of the extraction and the cooking oil making machine will get different effects of the oil quality.

Cold press technology

The general oil cold pressing through the pressing oil machine in less than 60 environment for processing, the nutrients of the oil to retain the most complete.due the cold pressing oil rate is only half of the hot pressing, so most of the price of the cold pressed oil is about 50% higher than the hot oil.general the Cold pressing oil do not need to be refined, after precipitation and filtration to get refined oil (cooking oil).Cold pressed oil has a pure natural characteristics, and it avoid the traditional high temperature oil processing adverse retains the natural flavor and color, and complete preservation of the oil in the physiologically active substances,More in line with the needs of the people body, but the drawback is the low oil rate.

The cold press of pressing oil machine:

Screen-cleaning-crushing-low temperature pressing-crude oil-the frist filter-the second filter-low temperature to crystal-low temperature filter-cooking oil.

parameter of pressing oil machine:

item  pressing oil machine
machine material steel
Automatic grade automatic
press type Cold Pressing Machine
production capacity 1-100 TPH
small and taste small and taste good
oil material process according your requirement to customized
power according the machinery
Voltage 380V/440V or customize
size&weight according the capacity

picture or customize

Warranty period and after-sales service:

pressing oil machine Warranty period of 12 months our company provided oil machine parts and technical services within 12 months. After I provide free Internet and telephony services in the form of technology.

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