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Oil Press Machine /Oil Pressing Machine

Spiral oil machine is refers to the use of the role of external mechanical forces, by raising the temperature, activate the oil fmolecules, squeezing oil from the oil out of the machine..The spiral oil machine are advanced oil processing machinery.It is very popular among customers by their advancing design, beautiful appearance, reliable performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance.They can be used for various materials, such as Peanut,Soybean,Grape seeds,Rapeseeds,Sunflower seeds,palm kernel, and other oil crops over twenty kinds.

Screw oil miller utilizes the screw that us set-up with different styles of screws and rotates when machines is running to push the materials into chamber. Owing to the spiral helical pitch of screws becomes shorter and the spiral depth of screw. Becomes shallower, in the chamber the volumes between screws and pressing ring inner is smaller, pressure produced from curve saw-tooth of pressing ring inner, which oil is separated out. Oil releases from the gaps between bars and oil slots between pressing rings.

The features of oil pressing machine/oil presser: 

1. It is easy for people to learn, understand, and operate because of its small size. Besides, it is no special requirements for people to operate.

2. It costs less various expenses with lower electricity consumption in use.

3. The machine is a hydraulic machine with big pressure, high oil yielding rate and pure oil Quality.

4. The machine adopts automatic control system, automatic preheating control and automatic pressure control of hydraulic system.